Jason Arison


Jason Arison, third generation to the Arison family’s legacy of giving, serves as the foundation’s chairman (2009-present). He is also a board member of Arison Investments, Matan – Investing in the Community, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the founder of ArtPort that advances artists in a new social arena.

He previously served as CEO of The Ted Arison Family Foundation (2007-09), and prior to that he held various positions in the foundation (2002-07). Under his leadership, the foundation realizes the vision of “Creating meaningful social change in Israel and worldwide”. Every year, the foundation invests in numerous organizations and projects in diverse fields.

Jason was ranked one of Forbes Israel’s Top Ten Influencers in the World of Art (2012), and he received the prestigious King Solomon Award for the support extended by The Ted Arison Family Foundation to the America-Israel Cultural Fund (AICF) (2012).

Rachel Cohen


Rachel Cohen serves as CEO of The Ted Arison Family Foundation, a private family foundation that operates to improve the quality of life through social investments, grant giving, and leading vision ventures, which impact circles that are ever-expanding.

In her capacity as CEO, Rachel also partakes in steering forward the extensive activities of the foundation’s vision ventures: Essence of Life, Good Deeds Day, Goodnet, Artport, and Ruach Tova.

Prior to this position, Rachel served as the foundation’s Deputy CEO and CFO (2006-2023), overseeing and managing its overall financial activities, which include social investments, grant making, budgeting of vision ventures, and managing its overall operational capital. Under her leadership, the foundation’s Finance Department comprised seven professionals.

Prior to joining the foundation, Rachel served as a CPA at BDO Ziv Haft (1996-2005), one of Israel’s leading accounting firms, and was also stationed at their USA office for two years.

She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Haifa University.

Kaynan Rabino

VP of International Operations

Kaynan Rabino oversees the donations made by the foundation to recipients outside Israel, and is also responsible for International Good Deeds Day, Goodnet, and activities held under The Doing Good Model.

Prior to this position, Kaynan Rabino served as the foundation’s VP of Vision Ventures and as CEO of the nonprofit Ruach Tova of the Arison Group, whose flagship project is Good Deeds Day initiated by Shari Arison.

Before joining the foundation, he held various positions in the field of social work and in Israel’s educational organizations.

Yifat Shmuelevitz

VP Strategy and Partnerships

Yifat Shmuelevitz is responsible for the overall management of the foundation’s strategic processes, its philanthropic partnerships and Grants Division, and the Arison family’s philanthropy.

Prior to this position, Yifat Shmuelevitz served as VP of Social Investments at the foundation, and also oversaw the establishment of the Artport vision venture.

She is a graduate of The Program for Nonprofit Management and Jewish Leadership at Reichman University, and The Program for Social Leadership by Kolot.

Reut Cohen Pioterkowsky


Reut Cohen Piotrkovsky supervises all of the foundation’s financial activities, including social investments, grant making, vision venture budgeting, and operational capital management, while directing the foundation’s Finance Department of six professionals.

Prior to this position, she was an accountant at KPMG Somekh Chaikin (2004-23), where her last role was Director of the Audit Department.

She holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University.